Saturday, 3 January 2009

Evening folks!

Well it's been a busy day today, Daddy was at work and me and the youngsters helped Mummy take all the Christmas decorations down and then I felt it was my place to interfere when she started shifting things round in the kitchen cupboards (She's had to move our food to a higher cupboard as George has managed to open the one it's in at the moment) so every time she moved something out of a cupboard - I got in the cupboard for a good look around!

I discovered a new sleeping place this evening too .... the base of the new scratching post: It's a bot of a squeeze but ever so cosy!!


Friday, 2 January 2009

A little from today....

When Daddy got up for bed this morning he let me into the bedroom so I could get into bed and cuddle with my mummy - that's a good start to the day, I've missed my mummy cuddles!!

They both went back to work today so I got on with sussing out our new pad - there are so many things to look at out of the big windows. George is getting a little annoying as all he wants to do all day is watch trains, every time he see's one it's like the first time all over again (mum say's he's special!!)

Anyway .... stuff to do... toodle pip!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Finally 2008 is over....

... So I am welcoming in the New Year with this thing called blogging that my little Diva of a sister has told me about (Baillee)

Seems her and my brother George are way ahead of me here

Well I am obviously the head of the household so am therefore my mummy's favourite (but don't tell the other two ok, that's between you and me!) George is the middle man, he arrived a few months after they got married and then last year mum brought Baillee home - she's very little but she's really really bossy! She goes off in her sissy pink carrier on wheels every so often and comes back boasting about ribbons... but I'm only half interested if you know what I mean?? She keeps telling me she's going to have kittens this year... I really hope she's joking!!

Anyway ... TTFN... got some sleeping to catch up on... ZZzzzzz